I met Neven Lovrić at Sveučilišni računski centar (SRCE) [- the University Computing Centre -] in Zagreb in 1996, while stealing passwords by covert observation. Amongst all present, only he noticed what I was doing. And so he immediately attracted my attention. I wanted to get acquainted with him.

We started hanging out more intensively only after meeting [running into] each other again at the Info fair at Zagrebački Velesajam [- the Zagreb Fair]. We shared a common interest in computer networks and especially in computer security. After that, we personally hung out in Zagreb, as I was often at my aunts' in Zagreb, or almost daily over the Internet. We hacked. In 1997, he was on vacation at my place in Zadar and Punta Skala. So I had a chance to get to know him. We went out, had fun.

We both later enrolled into Fakultet organizacije i informatike [- the Faculty of Organization and Informatics -] in Varaždin, where we hung out almost daily. Nevens' talent and talent [it seems both words mean the same; the first is Croatian and the second foreign] for programming and IT always fascinated me.

He soon took a job at an Austrian firm and I enrolled in to the Snowlion School for Integral Therapists. When he crossed over to a Zagreb-based firm, I was even at his workplace, and we saw each other in Zagreb and Zadar occasionally.

Since I know him, for Neven I only know that he is an extremely peaceful person, he never had a fight or was aggressive, spoke incoherently, or heard voices, I heard of no hallucinations, superpowers, or something like that, actually, I know Neven as a very intelligent and dear person. When I heard what happened, I was left in shock and surprise.

I did not get a change to write this statement sooner, as I do field work and am very often on a trip, without a computer or Internet connectivity.
In Zadar, October 27, 2011 Vice Mišković, graduated Snowlion therapist, m. p.

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