Number: 511-09-01/N-3/48-07.
Rijeka, July 17, 2007




With regard to your remonstrance addressed to this police department, in which you complain about the actions of the officers of the Crikvenica police station, we are informing you that appropriate measures and actions have been taken in order to verify the same, and it has been determined as follows:

On the day of June 15, 2007, around 4 PM, based on notices given to the police officer by the inhabitants of XXXXXXXX, about noticing a male person unknown to them who has been staying at the village for a longer time and expressed suspicion that he is a possible felon, you were ID-ed by an employee of the Crikvenica police station with the purpose of determining your identity. Since you presented an identity card which had expired and the photograph on the same did not match your real appearance, the police officer acted according to his authority and you were brought to the police station.

In relation to that, we exclaim that the notices mentioned were not obtained from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, the person which you specify in your remonstrance, nor is the police officer that acted towards you in any connection with the named.

After an interview was performed and identity determined, you were asked by the police officers to show them the residence at the address of your current whereabouts, and, after arriving at the address, only a look into the inside of the rooms was made with your consent, without making an examination, after which the police officers departed because there was no need for acting further towards you.

In investigations made it has been determined that the police officer acted towards you with the purpose of checking your identity and making further measures and acts based on already received notices, especially taking into account the factual frequency of felonies in the area of Crikvenica. In relation to that, we exclaim to you that one of the approaches to the mentioned issue is prevention itself, which was made in your case, also. On this occasion, we apologize to you for any possible unpleasantness which you experienced related to the described acting of police officers.

From everything described, it is apparent that the police officers, while acting towards you, acted professionally within their police authority, in accordance with laws.

With respect!


Oliver Grbić

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